Christenings, Baptisms & Thanksgivings

We are really glad that you are thinking of having your child christened at one of our churches and look forward to warmly welcoming you.
We do also baptise adults; please scroll down to the section ‘Adult baptisms’.

Christening and baptism
Christening means the same as baptism. Many people say ‘christening’, because it is the traditional English word; during the church service you will hear the word ‘baptism’ being used. A christening service is exactly the same as a baptism service.

General information on christenings/baptisms

The Church of England offers a very helpful website giving information and advice about your child’s christening. It includes an introduction to the service, thinking about godparents, ideas for gifts and all sorts of other FAQs. There are sections for parents, godparents and your guests.

Having your child baptised at one of the Barrow and Wolds churches

How do I book a date for my child’s christening?
Fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss available dates:

Your child’s baptism will be part of one of our services and you and your family will be made to feel very welcome at this service. It is always a delight to have a christening during our main worship times; children are most welcome at all our services; many of the churches have children’s play areas with toys and books within the main body of the church. Holy Trinity, Barrow often offer Junior Church or other children’s activities.

It is possible to have your child’s baptism at a different time on a Sunday in special circumstances. It is often the case that we have christenings for children from 2 or more families at the same time.

What happens next?

When booking the date for your child’s baptism, our administrator, Hannah, will send you a form asking you for details of your family; names, dates etc and information about the godparents you would like to choose. Please note it is important that the godparents are themselves baptised/christened.

Starting Rite
If your child is under 1 year old, you may be interested in Starting Rite.
This is a 5 session parent and baby course run by the church. It gives you the chance to meet other parents, bond with your baby and have a lot of fun. During the fun and play, we explore what baptism means. Please click on the link above to find out when the next course runs. You can attend a course whether or not you intend to have your child baptised; if you are planning a christening, you can do the Starting Rite course before or after the service takes place.

Baptism preparation evening
There are a number of Baptism Preparation Evenings throughout the year and you will be required to attend one. The evening is very informative and talks you through the service and also allows you to meet the person who will be your link with the church and who will be available on the day of the christening to answer any questions you may have. It is also a chance to make sure that all your details are correct.
The dates for the Baptism evenings for 2017 are as follows:
20th February, 27th March, 15th May, 26th June, 11th September and 30th October.

Godparents or supporting friends?

It is definitely worth visiting the Church of England webpage about your choice of godparents. We recommend you choose at least 3 but no more than 5 people to be godparents. The people you choose must themselves be baptised, be happy to make the promises in the christening service and be 16 years old or over.

Not baptised?
If you discover the person you have asked to be a godparent is not baptised, don’t worry!
There are two options:
if they are happy and ready to do so, we can arrange a baptism for them (see below ‘Adult baptisms’)
you can ask them to be a ‘Supporting Friend’; this is someone who plays a similar role to a godparent. They support you, the parents, in the bringing up of your child and in the making of good choices in life, they encourage the family to learn more about the Christian faith and they pray for you all through the ups and downs of life. During the christening service, Supporting Friends will also answer a question about helping and supporting you and your family. For more information about this, talk to our vicar, Rob Paddison or our children’s and families’ minister, Alison White.

How much are the fees for a christening service?

We make no charge for baptism, but we invite you to visit the church’s donations tab to find out ways in which you can support the church if you feel able.
During all church services, a collection is taken during one of the hymns.

All donations and collections are used to support the ongoing work of the church, including its children’s ministry keeping it exciting and available for future generations to respond to God’s love.

Are we allowed to take photographs during the service?

It is best to talk to the priest who is baptising your child what their preference is, however you are always welcome to take photographs inside the church before or after the service.
If your service is at Holy Trinity Barrow, someone will ask to take a photo of you and your family on your special day after the service to display on the notice boards in the entrance of the church.

Adult and young person baptisms

You can be baptised at any age and we will happily baptise adults as well as children. If you are an adult or young person who wishes to be baptised then please fill out the contact form here and a member of the clergy will get in touch.

Thanksgiving service for the gift of a child
This is a different church service which concentrates on thanking God for your child.
It is possible to have this service instead of a christening. You might choose this service when your baby is just born.
Again, our priest in charge will be pleased to talk to you about this.

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