Arranging a funeral is a difficult time for anyone. The church is here to help and support you through this process and beyond.

General information on funerals
The Church of England offers a very helpful website giving information and advice about funerals. The website guides you step by step through the funeral arrangements, shows you the options available for hymns, readings and other preferences you may have, and includes a service walk-through.

Funeral Directors (also known as undertakers)
The funeral directors will also give you guidance and options for the funeral. They will coordinate with the vicar, the cemetery or crematorium about the time and date of the service.

Fees for the funeral
There are fees for a church funeral. The funeral director will advise you on the costs involved. If you have concerns about meeting the cost of a funeral, please click here

Cemeteries, Burial grounds and Crematoria
Funerals led by a minister authorized by the Church of England can take place in churches or at any of the places below.

There are a number of local cemeteries in this part of Leicestershire:

Burial Grounds
Prestwold natural burial ground
Burton on the Wolds burial ground


Beyond the funeral

Questions about death and dying.
The subject of death is painful. If you would like to talk through some of the issues this time has raised for you, please use the contact form to arrange a conversation with one of our ministry team.

Remembering loved ones

The churches in the Barrow and Wolds group hold services of Remembering and Thanksgiving (or All Souls) in late October / early November. This is a quiet service; a time to remember and reflect on our loved ones who have died; to honour them by reading out their names and to remember them by lighting a candle. All those who have arranged a funeral through our churches over the past year will receive an invitation to attend this service. Everyone, however, at whatever stage of their bereavement, is welcome; some people come every year to grieve and honour their loved ones who have departed this life.

Christmas Tree Festival
Around the beginning of December, Holy Trinity Barrow holds an annual Christmas Tree Festival. This is an opportunity to honour those who have died by placing their names on our ‘memory trees’. If you would like to remember your loved one in this way, please fill in the contact form.

The churches commit to pray for those who have died and their families from the moment we hear of their passing away. You can also make a request for a name of someone to be prayed for in the Barrow and Wolds Group prayer circle. Please email . All information submitted to this email is only shared with the group that will be praying for you and is kept strictly confidential.

Further enquiries
Please feel free to contact the church office.