Shaped by God Thought for the Fortnight

When did you last dial 999 for the Fire and Rescue Service? Probably, you never have done. Although many of us will have called Police or Ambulance in an emergency, it is fortunate that we need Fire and Rescue less often.

But whether it is for a large factory fire in Leicester, or a road traffic collision on the M1, or a chip-pan fire at home, firefighters are ready to respond. They risk their lives to save life and property.

The first fire chaplain was appointed in London in 1844. We are there to offer support to the firefighters, their retired colleagues and their families. They support one another extremely well, especially after very traumatic incidents, but we are there for them too, showing God’s love and care for them, at their local station.

Kerry Emmett: Chaplain to Birstall Fire and Rescue Station